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probably won't making a gain very soon. >>> a raiders fan was taken to the hospital after falling from the bleachers at the raiders game tonight. it happened about 5:00. the fan, a 17-year-old, fell over the railing on the west side of the coliseum. he apparently fell on his head. he was conscious and moving after the fall. the teen even yelled "go raiders" as he was taken away by paramedics. >>> police are hoping a $25,,000 reward will help lead to an arrest in the murder of a five-year-old boy. police say the suspect is a black man in his 20s with a goatee and glasses. he was with a woman. they got away in a light- colored four-door sedan. >>> three years ago today an unarmed oscar grant was shot and killed by former bart officer johannes mehserle. today people gathered to mark the anniversary. they marched to the bart station this afternoon. the church and community leaders spoke of uniting together to end violence. >> we want the police to be held accountable. we want the guns to be taken off of our streets. we want the people to be able to live freely without having a fear going
following the raiders game. 17-year-old juan sal cree do was -- salcedo was leaning over the railing. he lost his balance and then fell. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >>> an unusual rescue in daily city. firefighters are saving a dog after it fell from a cliff. two people walking in avalon canyon noticed the stuck rottweiler. they were able to reach the animal and carry it to safety. the dog bit its owner and a firefighter had to be treated for their wounds. the humane society took the rottweiler to an emergency hospital. >>> the air force scrambled the fighter jets after a small plane bound for oakland lost contact with the air traffic controllers. the plane took off from santa monica, but failed to answer controllers near ventura. controllers reestablished contact with the pilot. the alameda county sheriff deputies questioned the pilot after the plane landed in oakland. it appears the plane's radio might have been turned down so the pilot couldn't hear it. >>> dozens of fires set and they have caught their first preak in a series of -- first break in a series of arsons
news. a fan has fallen at the raiders stadium. he was conscious and moving and the teen was taken to a hospital. much more coming up in sports. >>> as well as a scare in the air that turned out to be a false alarm. a private plane was escorted to oakland airport by two military aircraft this afternoon after losing radio contact. the cessna was flying from southern california to oakland when it lost radio contact near monterey. norad's mission is to monitor aviation to prevent attacks. when the cessna lost contact, norad was alettered and deployed two fighter planes. the pilot and passenger were questioned. >>> for republicans it's a two- day dash to the finish line in iowa. the presidential hopefuls today focused on churches. danielle nottingham is is in des moines with the fight for the evangelical voter. >> reporter: christian conservatives could really change the game here. many voters i spoke with today say they are still searching for their candidates, and the gop field is working hard to make sure they choose them. [inaudible] >> reporter: ' van gel cal voters made up 50% of
in the nfc playoffs with a win over the rams and the raiders had chance for postseason action but the charges hadadadadadadadadadadadd >> mike: the 49 playoff drought is over and they secured the second seed, bye, and a home game in the nfc playoffs. these ram fans wanted to see a win. first quarter, rams up. a great block from frank gore, swan dive into the end zone, tie game. vernon davis, big day. eight catches. more catches than the entire rams team. a little tom foolery. crabtree is alone for the second td catch of the game. 27-10 niners, dixon gets on the score sheet. niners up. game over, wrong? rams now down seven. oops, now less than 3:00 to go. rams looking for a last shot. tom brand had his pass broken up. niners with the 34-27 victory, ending the season 13-3. here's the nfc playoffs. green bay and the 49erss, get a bye. new orleans hosts detroit, and the winner 0 of the cowboys and giants game win the nfc east and hostlet. >> a win for denver -- broncos lost and the raider nation playing for a playoff berth. raiders on the board first. palmer to darrius heyward-bey. rivers answers
assessed will have her preliminary hearing today. >>darya: their raiders have begun their search for a new coach. the green bay packers for one thing offensive coach is a top contender. hugh jackson was fired after just a year. the raiders owner says it is in court that the team get a new stadium. he says he has had discussions with groups of monsanto was about returning the franchise to southern california but says the has no plans to sell the team but he does want to move the raiders out of oakland. the team's lease runs through the 2013 season. >>james: this is the view from the golden gate bridge spirited is a really clear and cold, especially in the north bay where receipt temperatures drop. sunny and warm this afternoon. a spare the air de an effect. highs in the mid-upper 60s. things will cool down as we headed to the overnight hours. here is where we see temperatures at the moment. just below freezing in napa. concord and the livermore are awfully chilly. oakland is at a chilly 35. here is where we will be this afternoon. what a difference. 10-30 degree job in some spots. low-mid-6
>>> if the reports are true and it looks like they are, the head coach of the oakland raiders has been fired. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with the breaking news out of the east bay where there's been a big shakeup at the oakland raiders. according to media sources, the raiders have fired head coach hue jackson. he's only been on the job for one season. the raiders had a program moi'sing a -- had a promising start and missed the playoffs. the move comes on the same day the raiders are set to introduce the team's new general manager, reggie mckenzie. he will be the one to select the raiders new head coach. we talked to some raiders fans just a few minutes ago who were surprised to learn the news. >> we got a new gm. it's a power struggle. what can you do? >> shocked! he just got here and they fired the man already? >> you must know if you are not gonna win, you probably won't keep your job. >> the raiders are set to have a press conference in about two hours in alameda. >>> coroners have identified a victim in a fatal hit and run in oakland. officers say a car hit a
out on hugh jackson's brief career as head coach of the raiders. new general manager signed a contract this morning at the first order of business was to fire jackman. >> it's going to be a time for change. and i felt there is a need for change. and so we're moving into a newera. no disrespect to coach jackson but this is something i want to do. start anew. >> mark davis who took over for his father has been in touch with ron wolf, former raider and packer personnel director who recommended mckenzie. john madden sat through an interview with him. >> my feeling has been that if my father wasn't here we needed someone to run the football side of the building. i needed to find the right person. i believe that reggie mckenzie is the right man for the job. >> mckenzie played for raiders and has been with the packers for 18 years. his former teammates there today say he's the right man for the job. >> he's the guy that paid his dus. he played the game, knows the players and knows what it takes. he knows his game that. is the main thing. >> and and then, 18 years of agreeing that says it all.
in oakland and no information has been released about the incident. >>> the teenage raiders fan is recovering in hospital after falling from the bleachers. he leaned too far over our rail and lost his balance. eyewitnesses, witness says he was trying to get the player's attention. he fell about 10 feet and was fully conscious and moving after the fall. he was taken to highland hospital of the question. >>> some new year's celebrations turned violent in san jose. police say there were multiple settings and shootings between 10:00 last night and early this morning. among them two people were shot at the new year's party and one is life-threatening. around the same time an endless day stabbed as he walked along the guadalupe river. two hours later 64 stabbed in the fight. in another incident, on assassinating any of the incidents. >> mount rainier national park in washington state is almost down tonight. the gunman shot and killed the park ranger in the shooting happened this morning at the long fire station in the southwest corner of the park. the ranger, margaret anderson was 34 years old and
went into effect at midnight. >> a fan fell after this afternoon's raiders game. the man was leaning over the railing bev -- above the tunnel where the players return to the looms, and -- locker rooms and then fell. >> a wave of are sons has jolted l.a. and west hollywood, special task force has been assembled to respond. >> no arrests and no suspects. brad wheeler has the details. >> in los angeles, the new year began with a trial by fire. for the third straight night, the city was lit up by the glare of flames. at least 39 arson fires have been set in los angeles and west hollywood. >> we have incendiary intentional fires that have resulted in auto fires, that resulted in the direct exposure of apartments. >> most of the blazes began in cars that quickly spread to nearby structures. >> done while people were sleeping, and that's the scary part. >> this man pitched in, trying to save his neighbor's home. >> got a hose and started putting it out. she called the police. luckily it was just a car. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars has been done in property damage but so far people ha
the raiders chain house when is fired and who is hired. >> and a new state law. still ahead why more kids may be riding in booster seats. @p@@@ . >>> bay area police say they hope parents will comply with a new law requiring car seats for kids eight years old and younger unless they are taller than 4-foot 9. the law went into effect on january 1st before that booster seats were only required until children turned six or 60 pounds. safety experts say kids in seats are less likely to be injured in a crash because the seatbelt fits better. >> does make sense especially with a little one like that it does -- lift them up and -- the bet fits better. >> driver dear sir be fined up to $475 and get a point on their record if their children aren't properly buckled up. >> a lot of talk about the raiders but they are saying we aren't quite cleaning house yet. >> in typical raider fashion we don't know for sure but i think it's safe to say a definite expected hard off season for the raiders. a local radio station is reporting the defensive coordinator. was fired along with assistants woodson. ross an
in more than 50 years, the oakland raiders have a new head coach who was not chosen by al dais. they're introducing dennis allen to the media right now at the team's headquarters in alameda. let's go there live. >> he has won 17 division titles in 41 years in the nfl. that's a great tradition and a great building block for to us build on and what we're trying to get accomplished here. al davis was a big part of developing that tradition and a big part of setting the foundation for what we are and what we're going to become. this is a new day in oakland raider football. we're progressing forward and we're going to set our own goals and aspirations and the things that we an to try to get accomplished within the organization. this organization is committed to winning. there taste used to say commitment to excellence. ok. and we are committed to intense within this organization. i remember watching the oakland raiders growing up back in the 70s and 80s and just watching what a great team they were and i just really admired the way they play the game. they played with toughness, with phys
areas in condo and apartment complexes. >>> the oakland raiders fired their head coach today. hugh jackson learned he would not return to coach the silver and black next season. the raiders finished with eight wins and eight losses this season and failed to make the playoffs for the ninth straight area. the team begins the search for its coach. >> the bay area's other football team is coming off one of its best regular seasons in years and it's not over yet. linda yee shows us die hard fans didn't have to wait for saturday's playoff game to get their 49er fix. >> looking, looking, going in the end zone. caught it. >> it was the catch that launched a football dynasty and 30 years to the day, montana to clark did it again for the fans. 1500 fans paid to see the 49er lee diswrends remember the old days. there is rice, high stepping roger craig, and ronnie lot, too. 49er fan heaven and they dressed like they were at the stadium. >> the catch happened in the end zone where our seats were. it was one of the most incredible things that happened in my life. >> fans got to see the insid
of a home. there were shot to death. the raiders head coach is out of a job. hugh jackson has been sacked after one season with the team. vern glenn is at raiders headquarters with more news on the fallout. >>vern: hugh jackson once in control of a team that was 7-4, he received a phone call this morning from the new general manager telling him that he is relieved of his duties. >> we are moving into a new era. >> the next raider head coach will be the 10th since they moved back here from los angeles. >>pam: some fans were surprised to learn that he jackson was fired. >> i was shocked. broke my heart. >> i thought that is a bad move. >>pam: stay with kron4 as we continued to cover the latest. gary radnich will have more coming in a 40 5:00 p.m.. let us know what you think, go to our web site or visit our facebook fan page. >>jaqueline: a nice day out there today. it did not seem like january. so we will be very cold overnight. mild of this is like san francisco and oakland. sunny and mild conditions tomorrow. we need the rain but it is nowhere in sight. there is a slig
general manager of the oakland raiders and he fires the head coach. >> granite state moment we justr enjoyed is one we will always remember. >> and mitt romney wins the g.o.p. primary in new hampshire. good evening. 2 big stories tonight. we start with politics. romney sweeps the first 2 critical contests stabbing himself as the man to beat for the republican presidential nomination and then paul and then huntsman and gingrich is fourth. let's go to karen in manchester, new hampshire with the story. >> good evening. it was a historic win for mitt romney. he's the first republican since 1976 to whip the iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary. mitt romney 2 for 2. first the iowa caucus and now the big winner in the new hampshire primary. >> tonight we sell brit tomorrow we go back to work. >>reporter: in his victory speech romney looked and sounded like the front runner. confident. at times aggressive using the opportunity to slam his republican opponents. >> president obama wants to put free enterprise on trial. and in the last few days we have seen some desperate republ
, or you did not do that. >>vern: so it is safe to say had the raiders made the playoffs a we would not be having this discussion right now? >> yes, that could a bit.-- could have been it. >>vern: gary will send it back to you and come back next hour with more the reggie mackenzie aero with the silver and black. >>gary: another thing that came out today, al davis' son was at the podium so to speak. most of us have never seen him talk, but he was ok. he said that he leaned on john madden and ron wolf. these are old raiders from the past. and of john madden tells you that they can do better and one more, a tip from a veteran don't talk so much, do not struck until this time. i teach you jackson talked little bit and promoted himself and when you are just getting your feet wet, people with the money did not want to see you strutting. once you become powerful and start winning and are in the playoffs every year then you can stick your chest out but until then be a good employee. that is what i tell all the people here at kron. i say j.r. stone, stay quiet take your time and then let th
which city is first to break the double digit mark. >>> and the niners and raiders wrapped up the regular season today as you just saw. niners are getting ready for the playoffs, oakland is wondering, what if? the news starts right now. >>> good evening, i'm diane dwyer. thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news following sunday night football. breaking news tonight. homes are being evacuated in san francisco's panhandle neighborhood because of a three-alarm fire. the fire started between hate and federick. it started in one building but there are reports it is spreading. one person suffering from smoke inhalation. the fire department suspects arson about we'll have more at 11:00. >>> in san jose the choice between paper and plastic ended at midnight. the nation's toughest plastic bag ban. nbc bay area's kimberly tayery's in san jose to explain. >> reporter: these are out. these are in. reusable bags. if you're shopping in san jose it might be a good idea to start carrying them on you. shoppers have to bring or buy a reusable bag in san jose or the al, and look for my tech page. tune in at 8:00 pm tonight for more of this story. >>> raiders and 49ers coaching news. and surely bowl highlights. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. now get twice the data for the same low price. hurry in, this offer ends january 15th. verizon. ers coaching news. and surely bowl highlights. >>> good evening, everybody. the bowl season is in its final week. we're counting down to the national championship game, lsu, and alabama next week. this is the sugar bowl. junior hemmingway got 1 foot in college. that's all you need. michigan had a 17 -6 lead. touchdown. overtime tied at 20. brandon gib -- how many of these games c
and the giants and words from the new raiders head coach, later in this broadcast. give your loved ones what they really want! this valentine's day, the new color of love is... white! exclusively at verizon, get the white droid razr by motorola! thin. fast. smart. strong. more color. same droid razr. on america's fastest, most reliable 4g network. now that's value anyone can appreciate! get the droid razr by motorola in three new colors for $199.99. only at verizon. white is the color of amor! >>> decision 2012, hours before the florida primary. a poll shows mitt romney leads newt gingrich by 14 points. newt gingrich says the fight is far from over, though. his campaign staff wants rick santorum to drop out of the race so newt gingrich can focus on mitt romney. mitt romney seemed optimistic about his chances though newt gingrich says nominating mitt romney will be bad for republicans. >> what a day this is. with a turn out like this i feel we might win tomorrow. >> i don't believe they nominate a liberate, proabortion, protax increase and i don't think mitt romney can raise enough money to s
on how this fire started. >>> the oakland raiders fire their head coach hugh jackson today after missing the play offs in a disappointing conclusion to their season. as ktvu's fred inglis reports, firing coach jackson was the very first move by the team's new general manager mackenzie. >> this is where i came from, i'm back home now, okay. >> reporter: former raider linebacker reggie mackenzie left green bay to return to the team that drafted him back in 1985. the first thing mackenzie did as their general manager was fire head coach hugh jackson. >> as you move in, i want to bring my guy in. and mark was okay with that. >> he did some things great. and you know, like i said we ended up 8-8. we didn't make the play offs. >> reporter: so now mackenzie must find a replacement. >> is this a young coach that i feel good about? then away we go. >> if my father wasn't here, we needed someone to run that football side of the building and i needed to find the right person. i truly believe that reggie mackenzie is the right man for this job and i think you will all see that as we go along. >> rep
in a late. hundreds of birds and arkansas killed. we find that their raiders made the playoffs and find out when the 49ers flee their first playoff a fistful ness >>vicki: another rash of arson fires in l.a.. police are looking for someone that could be connected to those fires. dozens of blazes have been set with an last few days. >> over 300 calls for service in this city. a 17% increase in calls city-wide. we have responded to 32 fires that are suspicious in nature. >>vicki: no one has been issued. a $60,000 reward has been issued. four people were found shot and killed at a condominium complex. >>vicki: a ranger attempted to follow a driver who opened fire before fleeing on foot. dozens of black birds died in arkansas after being startled by fireworks. it is not the first time that this has happened. last year, 5000 of the birds were found dead in the same period. >>vicki: new regulations require airlines to show all taxes and fees in displayed ticket prices. >>brian: we are wrapping of 2011 on a dry nose. this is one of the driest december is on record. less than one- tenth of an inch
by and they will play at the stick in two weeks. meanwhile, if you saw the raiders with everything on the line this afternoon, there for the taking, simply put, they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs. the chargers move the ball at will and move the raiders into vacation. palmer to bey. a nice fade play. 7-0. you see the catch again. 9 grabs for him. touchdown. san diego answers back. rivers to gates. that was what it was. the poorest defense by the fraiders all afternoon. 7-7. watch this. goodman comes out of the end zone and nobody will stop him. 105-yard return for the chargers and they lead it 24-13 at half. the raiders with a great shot. in the fourth corter. palmer, 401 yards, up top to boss. he has it. touchdown raiders. 31-26. boss shaken up on the play. you see the raplay. shot to the back of the neck. but after that the kickoff. key play. again, goodman will bauble the ball. on the goal line. the raiders, the fans, everybody thinks that is a safety but the officials correctly rule it is a san diego ball on the half yard line and the raiders give tup. 99.5-yard drive. finishes it of
about the raiders' playoff scenarios, it's not as simple as just win baby. the breakdown when we continue. omorrow, the they'll need . >>> with a win tomorrow the raiders have a chance too get into the playoffs for the first time since 2002 but they'll need help. >> playoffs, don't talk about the playoffs. >> denver needs to lose to kansas or oakland can get in as a wild card. one issue that is not as xhicated is the raiders struggles with penalties. they are 12 yards away from setting a new nfl record. >> i don't know about the penalties all year because the coach stresses it. >> i talk about it all the time. i mean, i don't just talk, i yell, i scream. i threaten. i've done everything. i get a bunch of letters people telling me other things i should try, but those things don't work. >> we hung out. everybody i hear makes fun of it. >> holding, offense number 68 delay of the game, false start, offense number 87. pass interference, defense number 26. >> we don't know what number they're going to call. somebody got knocked. >> all the money goes to charity. one final reminder you
the woman to explain what happened and to apologize. >>> another fan hurt, a teenage raider fan is recovering in the hospital after falling from the bleachers during the game. he leaned too far over the rail. witnesses say he was trying to get players attention as they were making their way off the field. he was fully conscious and moving after the fall. he apparently manage to yell, go raiders. >>> the tournament of rose parade will soon get under way in southern california. anti-wall street protest vow to make mayor presence known there. the occupy movement plan to be in pasadena complete with banners and drums and the security has been heightened. as for the official parade floats, they are getting final touches. it is the 122nd year of the extravaganza. >> when the parade comes, the flowers are fresh. >> about 700,000 spectators are expected to line the 5.5-mile watch. the clydesdale horses will not be a part of the festivities. anheuser withdrew because a change in marketing strategy. >> that's not right. the parade is always the preshow of college football. in the silicon
ban would require a change in state law. >>> this morning the raiders are looking for a new head coach. hue jackson was fired after one season with the team. yesterday raiders owner mark davis announced the hiring of reggie mckenzie as the new general manager. in his first move he decided jackson was not the man he wanted to coach the silver and black after the team faded down the stretch to finish 8-8 last season. mckenzie played for the raiders in the late 80s and spent the past a teen years working in the green bay packers' front office. raiders' firing of jackson is getting a lot of reaction on our facebook page. peggy: how many coaches in this last decade? unbelievable. i like jackson's attitude and presentation of himself, sad, i feel the raiders didn't give him a chance. jose: he talked his way out of the job when they lost -- they loss the last game. >>> so hard when playoff team -- [ unintelligible ] the 49ers are playing this week against the saints playoff game, no chance of rain. >> no, everybody is hoping for rain to slow down the saints, it going towÑ[ñ be dry, sunny my
for the niners and the raiders and we'll hear from the players as well, next. >>> nfl playoff questions were answered today for both the niners and the raiders. the niners locked up the number two seat with a win over the rams. the raiders, not so much. here's nbc bay area's laurence scott. >> the raiders wrapped up their own destiny with denver also losing. the chargers run ago way with it and the raiders lose a heartbreaker, 38-26. >> it's like a bad dream for sure, but it's reality. i think the reality of it is we couldn't stop when we needed to. >> the moral of this season is we just got to finish. there were a certain number of games this year that we shouldn't have lost and we have to finish better. plain and simple. >> as for the 49ers, some tricks up their sleeves today holding off the rams to clinch the playoffs, and no round of playoffs at candlestick, the niners getting the first round bye and will play host for the first playoff game weekend after next. coming up on sports sunday tonight, looking back at the year that was in sports. see you in a bit. >>> as laurence scott just me
first baby of 2012. >>> welcome back. 4:52. a teenage raider fan is in the hospital after falling to the ground below. juan was leaning over the coliseum railing trying to attract the attention of players after yesterday's loss. raiders spokesman says he fell less than 15 feet on to soft dirt. he adds the fan never lost consciousness. >>> the season ended with a win for the raiders. all they needed to make the playoffs was to beat the san diego chargers yesterday. but in front of a sold out coliseum the raiders lost to one of their main rivals 38-26. the defeat included giving up 105 kickoff return for a touchdown. the raiders have not made the playoffs now in a decade. but across the bay the 49ers are relaxing with a well deserved day off. they earned a first round playoff bye 34-27. the most memorable plans when the 49ers dug into their bag of tricks and taking a field goal. throwing a touchdown pass to a wide open michael crab tree. 49ers don't know their opponent yet but we can tell you ktvu channel 2 will play saturday, january 14th. >>> coach harbaugh will watch his pro toe
. >> we'll enjoy the while here. >> when we come back news continues this evening. raiders make it official. team has a new coach. the ad campaign appearing in bart cars that aim to bridge the big divide between urban and rural that aim to bridge the big divide between urban and rural california. stay with us hey guys, breakfast! ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. >> what's the dirtiest thing in the hotel room. bed spread door handle. no. believe it or not it's the tv remote. that's right. now there is help. the guys that install tv and internet service and two million american hotel room issued a free app down load the app and you may never have to touch a hotel room remote control again. it allows th
, back here in the bay area, oakland raiders hired a new general manager today, reggie mckenzie. signed a contract this morning. his first act was to fire hugh jackson, the first new move by mark davis. and there is a lot of changes coming up. >> now, another quiet tuesday here. and as mentioned when al davis passed away, mark davis called ron wolf here and asked him who he thought might be a good candidate to be the new general manager to take over. and the only person mentioned was reggie mckenzie, today, mark davis made his first public appearance since his father died and announced the move. >> we met with john madden about six hours, reaching an agreement reggie could become a general manager of the oakland raiders. and my father used to say the greatness of the raiders is its future, reggie, the future is now. >> i'm proud to be in leadership to move in this organization into the new era. early this morning, i informed coach hugh jackson he was relieved of coaching duties. i have a lot of respect for coach jackson. i wish him well as he moves forward into his future. this decision
with a device. >>> a teenage raider fan recovering in the hospital this morning after falling 10 feet from the bleachers. 17-year-old wong, leaned a little too far over the rail yesterday and lost his balance. witnesses say he was trying to get players attention as they were making their way off the field after they lost yesterday. he was fully conscious and moving after the fall. he yelled, go raiders. >>> a $25,000 reward is now offered for the information leading to the arrest and shooting death of a 5-year-old oakland boy. gabriel martinez junior was at his family truck and he was shot. >>> iran navy says it test fired surface crews missile just south of the country. two more test are expected today. the missiles is reportedly ungraded version of the one that's been in service before. there were suggestions it could be used to counter the u.s.'s naval presentation in the persian gulf. >>> he warned today that his country will deal with any provocation. it comes a day after it will bolster its message. as a ruling party leader following his father's death. >>> wall street celebrating th
. within minutes of taking the job, the new general manager of the oakland raiders made a big change jie. he fired hugh jackson. larry beil is here with the story. >> major change. a new era for raider football from owner to gm to coach, and perhaps to los angeles. that's based on comments from mark davis who has taken over following his father al's death in october and showed that he is ready to lead. >> the lights went out and then they came back on. he interviewed one man and said reggie mckenzie was the man. hugh jackson said he was not the man he wanted as his head coach. they failed to make the play of yos, and jackson is out after one season as the head coach. >> and i felt there is a need for change at the head coaching position from the top. we are moving into a new era. no disrespect to coach jackson, but it is something i want to do start a new. >> my feeling always has been that if my father wasn't here, we needed somebody to run the football side of the building. i needed to find the right person. i truly believe that reggie mckenzie is the right man for this job, and i thin
area news. >> okay, george, thank you. like father, maybe like son. the raider's new owner made his first public comments today about the state of the franchise. and the franchise might be on the move. santa clara or los angeles. mark davis, the son of the late al davis made several bold moves today. this is mark davis right there. among them, acknowledging that he's considering moving the raiders, like his father did in the early 1980s if there's not a new stadium built in oakland. a new stadium in oakland is unlikely. davis has received offers to relocate the raiders back to l.a., but is also considering a joint effort with the 49ers. the nfl would like that option. the raiders also announced a coaching and front office shake up today. those details in just a few minutes. >> from smart phones to smart tvs a buzz in vegas are unvailing the new got to have it gadgets. nbc bay area visited the area and joins us with the latest. >> it's a crazy, crowded 3-d affair. 140,000 people, the biggest ces crowd yet, walking through nearly two million square feet of space and what they really w
you? >> not at all! another shake-up in alameda. the raiders fire hue jackson. why he was let go and we'll hear from the new man -- the new man calling the shots, coming up in sports. closer look at a south bay compan >>> okay, now that we have greener cars on the road, is it possible to have a greener bicycle? tonight a closer look at a south bay company proving that recycling is where the rubber meets the road. but what's being recycled and how it's being used may surprise you. bikes are made out of all sorts of high-tech materials but now you can have a bike made from mostly recycled wood. bill holloway owner of master works wood and design says he got tired of seeing good wood go to waste as landfill and mulch. >> it was kind of a challenge to think of something new to make. we were down here talking one day and the idea just came up to try and make a wooden bike. >> reporter: he and partner mario hernandez made their first prototype bike out of plywood. >> right there. >> 9 bikes later it went from this to this. >> yes. that's what this bike is, is made out of this. >> repor
era, from morrow continues to bring the date for the oakland raiders. today they fired first year head coach jackson. last week's oakland hired a new general manager and he cleared house. jackson led to the oakland raiders to end at 8-8 record and has on a year. the oakland raiders will look for their seventh head coach in the last 10 years. one day after rallying lsu -- beating lsu 21-0, they made it official as they did the top spot in the ap poll. our champion at weather forecasting tom tasselmyer is up next and he will have your 70 forecast. >> coming up tonight, a 16-year- old sits behind bars charged with killing his father. why are baltimore ravens playoff games a win-win for fans and the ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> seven-day forecast, temperatures will stay above normal. the nets on thursday morning and some snow showers as the cold air comes
for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> the raiders new head coach arrives in oakland. hear the goals dennis allen is setting for his team. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. [ male announcer ] for our town. [ dog barks ] for our country. ♪ for our future. ♪ this isn't just the car we wanted to build. it's the car america had to build. ♪ the extended range electric chevy volt. from the heart of detroit to the health of the country, chevy runs deep. >>> a safety expert to perform an audit of safe routes for kids to walk and bike to school. the idea is to get more students walking and biking. in 200913% of kids walked or biked to school. in 1969 it was 42%. san jose is one of 50 communities to receive federal f
the. >> this ace big day. significance. giants their men and raiders theirs. silver and black decides on new head coach and take him from a division black decides on new head coach and take him from a division rival. sports next. situation. come up tonight 7 news at 11:00. new twist in the 49er stadium dispute. opponents in santa clara want voters to decide once again on the project but the city attorney has another idea. >> plus heavy smoke showing from one story house. >> firsthand look at life death situation. moment 3 east bay firefighters became heroes. those stories and a lot more for you coming up on 7 news tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us for that. >>> larry is here and this is an interesting decision the raiders made. fascinating. >> surprising choice. see how it plays ou. new head coach dennis allen will take over leaving the raiders the broncos to join the silver and black. 39 years old. surprising. year with the bronx ochlts improving defense dramatically before that with the saints. allen had second interview with new gm today in alabama at the very
the latest on the raiders' new head coach. >>> and tim lincecum makes history. >>> hey, good evening everybody. pam, hold this for a minute before i get started. people have been complaining. it really is a shame. what happens, most people, and you can relate, you know men. they lose their hair. >> uh-huh >> when they get a certain age. mine, i have to keep combing it because it's so fluffy. now, you want to show the back? [ laughter ] >> hell no. don't do that. it's funny how -- [ laughter ] >> really, i comb my hair, then i come jogging up here, and there's so much of it, it just starts flying all over. >> uh-huh. >> we've noticed . [ laughter ] >> what, are you jealous? >>> all right , so the raiders have found their new head coach. it's dennis allen. spent the last couple years as a defensive coordinator for the denver broncos. upon and the word on him -- and the word on him, he's the first defensive-oriented coach since john madden. he's the league's youngest coach. mr. oakland, monty pool's thoughts. >> hiring a defensive coach, you immediately attack this team's biggest pro
-minute performance against the patriot and it is giants here on nbc bay on nbc bay area. we are back with the raiders new head coach. . ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on >>> it was a historical day in oakland as they introduced dennis allen as the 18th head coach. the defensive coach since john madden roamed the sidelines in 1969. he takes over a team that was 8-8 and knows the raiders fairly well. he was a defensive coordinator for the broncos and got to see the silver and black. kate was in alameda for the meet and greet. >> reggie has found his guy and so a new era of raider football begins under dennis allen. >> it's going to be a tough, smart, disciplined, committed football team. >> this is the nfl, guys. you judge by wins and losses. that's how we are going to be judged. that's how i will be judged. we win, good decision. we don't, not so good. it's really th
for the raiders. that is coming up later. >>kimberlee: a few counties have started posting photos of unidentified dead bodies in hopes of closing the many cases that have gone cold. when you go to the web sites, you have to navigate through a series of warnings that it buys your discretion. the pictures are disturbing. most of the faces are bloated, the skin is pale and discolored. some of the people featured have been without names for years, even decades in some cases. overall, the on line photos have led to nearly 50 identifications. another 200 or so remain unidentified. >>catherine: this season's first snowpack survey. it happened today. we will explain what it means for our water supply. call to all >>catherine: in a family friend of the five year-old boy says the shooting is not an accident. she wants to remain anonymous that says the gunman was only three-4 ft. from local boy when he fired. a vigil continued for the second night. people came to the scene of the shooting. a five year-old was killed on december 30th at a topless dancer owned by his parents. one leader says something has to
, the broncos came tied with the raiders. looking to clinch the afc west. broncos down seven. tim tebow, cuts to the left side. chiefs recover on the 15 yard line. tebow's eighth fumble of the season. fourth quarter, time running down. broncos down, 7-3. tebow under pressure. lobs it downfield. it's picked off by brandon carr. that wraps up the game. tebow, 6 for 22, for 60 yards. denver has dropped its last three games. but they can get into the playoffs if they get some help from the chargers, who were playing the raiders. raiders have a shot to win the afc west out and get to the playoffs for the first time in eight years. chargers come up with a big game in the third quarter. philip rivers over the middle. vin sense jackson for the 15-yard scoring pass. chargers win, 39-26. the raiders are out. the broncos, despite the fact they played terrible yesterday, they get in. they play against the steelers on sunday. bengals go to houston to take on the texans. patriots and ravens have first-round byes. >>> coming up, mitt romney looking good atop the recent polls out of iowa. can a rick santorum
over the cowboys. the supplement for the new york jets and oakland raiders whose seasons came to an abrupt end. >> eli manning, threw three touchdown passes, 74-yard run to make a 7-0 to the new york side. then he said greg shaw to score his second touchdown of the second quarter -- bradshaw. dallas came back, but the game was secured when the four-yard touchdown made it 31-14 and took the giants into their first post-season since 2008. the denver broncos clinched the afc spite losing to kansas city. it was a 21-yard touchdown for kansas city and gave them a 7-0 lead. denver failed to overcome that, polling just three points. the broncos had to help the oakland raiders would fail to beat the syndic a charges. that game was close and the raiders were just four points down when this happens in the second quarter. they kicked off and sending it was richard goodman sliced off to the end zone for a 105-yard kickoff return touchdown. the longest in team history. it put san diego ahead 21-10. there were up 31-195 minutes into the fourth quarter, but the raiders went on the attack. a
. >>> a teenage raiders fan is recovering in the hospital this morning after falling 10 feet from the bleachers. he leaned too far over the rail yesterday and lost his balance. he was trying to get the players attention as they made their way off the field. he was fully conscious and moving after that fall. he even managed to yell, go raiders. that's a hard core fan there. >> especially, after a big loss. >> i'm happy to get up so early. it's not so bad on the roadways. 880 in both direction pretty good. northbound, we did have some debris at 66 construction in the way. the ramp to northbound 680, we do have an accident there. not too much of a problem. you can see all freeways looking fine in morning. >> cool around the bay area. more clouds moving across our skies this morning. little cool in spot. we're looking a the 39 degrees this hour and 46 in oakland and 51 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we got some partly cloudy skies. looks like warmer weather to come. the neck couple days going to be spectacular. could see some record breaking temperatures. cooling off a little bit into th
news continues. >>> the new raiders head coach is young. i'm dennis o'donnell. not that young. he's still young. what dennis allen is looking for in the silver and black. did you get that? coming up. >>> they are accused of acting as safe havens for drug deals. and now the san francisco markets could be shut down. the city attorney says undercover police in the tenderloin often bought drugs at barah market and razan deli. the markets are also accused of buying stolen property and then reselling it. civil lawsuit filed today seeks to close both markets for at least a year and fine them. >> these businesses deserve to be closed. the tenderloin would be better off without these irresponsible businesses. >> a worker at barah's market denies any wrongdoing. no one from razan's could be reached for comment. no one has been arrested. >>> it's a tenderloin sanctuary that thousands flock to every day for a warm meal but for the next two years st. anthony's's dining room will have a new address. the temporary move and where the kitchen will soon set up shop. >> reporter: in just a couple of
of insensitivity. >>> coming up, the oakland raiders introduce their new head football coach. fred will tell us what he said today. Ñw? so 46 seconds ago. did you guys hear that chapman rolled his ankle? done. get out there. so 12 seconds ago. you guys know how to post videos to facebook? you guys know how to post videos to facebook? you guys hear, someone stole... ...stole the other team's mascot? [ tiger growling ] so 27 seconds ago. [ male announcer ] stay a step ahead with 4g lte. with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. at&t. >>> the oakland raiders introduced their new head football coach. he is the 7th in 9 years. fred inglis tells us what he says he brings to the team. >> dennis allen is the first raiders head coach since 1969 to come from a defensive rather than offensive back ground. the raiders gave him a four year contract, one more indication times have changed around raidernation. >> reporter: raiders introduced dennis allen today. he has already been on the job for several days. that is the first big task in his first big coaching job. >> for people to follow you, you have to beli
photos found on the web site. >> and oakland raiders introduce their new head coach. >> the kind of team raider nation will see on the field next season. x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!xd >>> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then charges of conflict of interest. freddie mac accuse fd making multi kbrinl dollar bets and betraying homeowner autos newt gingrich, sued. the rock band wants the candidate to stop using its music at events. those stories and more coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and raiders new coach is here. >> finally. >> it's official this, is the day fans have been waiting for. the new cheechd becomes the seventh new coach in nine years, third new leader in three years. a man promising change. >> dennis allen has never been a head coach but zit that was introduced as the new head coach of the raider autos it's a great privilege and an honor for me tobt next head coach chblgts 18th head coach of the raiders. >> coach allen is bright. and extremely intense and focused on one thing. winning. championships. >> and he was the defensive coordinator and won a super bowl ring with the saints. he
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